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The James Bay Community School Society is a non for profit agency whose aim is to support vulnerable learners and families through its programming. Our goal is support the concept of community education. You can help support our cause with your donation.

Snack Cart Program:
Throughout the school term the James Bay Community Centre supports a subsidized morning recess snack program. This program provides an opportunity for children to practice math skills by selling snacks to fellow students for .25 cents an item. Nutritious snack items are produced on site by nutrition staff. Fresh fruit is provided each day at no cost to students, any child attending school will always have access to fresh fruit. Your donation will help provide a healthy snack to the students.

Youth Programs:
Friday night Youth Getaways and Summer Dayz are two recreation and leisure programs offered to children ages 10-13 years in the James Bay Community. Both Programs provide a social opportunity for children to engage in sport, family style activity, team building and community outings. The program operates at a 50% recovery rate. Costs to families are kept at a nominal amount to enable access to all. Even at this reasonable rate of $6.00-$10.00 per child an outing, some children are excluded from participation. Your donation would subsidize the costs of van trips, admissions to venues and snacks for vulnerable children in the program.

55+ Dinners
Twice weekly from September to June we host dinners for our senior population in James Bay. Home style cooked meals are made on site and served to seniors by a host of staff and volunteers. Meals are varied and portions are generous. Rising food costs, meal preparation costs and contractual conditions levied by VIHA have created a deficit situation for this program. The meal cost charged to seniors is capped at $6.50. Your donation will help continue to enhance this valued service to our senior community.