Can I look at the room I want to book?
Yes. Just phone ahead to be sure the room is available to show.

Is there a deposit? When do I have to pay?
We require a refundable deposit before we can confirm your booking. Deposit is refunded once the rental is complete with all fees paid in full and no additional charges are owing due to damage or additional cleaning required.

Are tables and chairs included in my rental?
Yes. We have 8 ft folding rectangular tables and folding chairs for the Activity Room and Gym. The Library and MR2 have tables and chairs already in the space.

Am I responsible for the set-up and take-down of my tables and chairs?
Yes. Plan for required set-up as well as take-down of your rental space, leaving the room how you found it.

Can I have extra time before my rental to set up?
Your rental begins and ends with the time you have paid for. Please book the time you need to set up and return the room as you found it. The facility attendant will arrive prior to your rental to unlock the building and the room/s that you will be using. If you require more time for your set-up, you will need to book and pay for additional set-up/take-down time.

What is the latest we are able to leave the building?
The latest you can exit the building is 12AM (allowing for a ½ hour of clean up, most events end at 11:30). This is due to a City of Victoria noise by-law.

What audio or visual presentation equipment is available? Is there any additional cost?
These items are available upon request, for a fee: Screen Small White Board Flip Chart (paper & markers are the responsibility of the renter) Digital Projector

Do you provide cups, plates, dishes, cutlery, tablecloths etc?
No. You must provide your own or arrange rental event supplies.

Do you have cooking utensils, knives, pots & pans, etc. available in the kitchen?
No. You must provide everything you will need to prep and serve your food.

I would just like to make coffee & tea, do I have to rent the kitchen? Is there a coffee maker and kettle available for use?
You do not need to rent the kitchen to serve coffee and tea at your event. We have a kettle and 2 large coffee urns available for an additional fee. Coffee, tea, sugar, cream, cups etc. are your own responsibility.

Is it possible to serve alcohol at my event?
Yes. You need a liquor license and would need to provide a copy 24 hours in advance of your rental to the Reception Desk.

I would like to rent the kitchen to make a product I can then sell, is that possible?
No, unfortunately our kitchen cannot accommodate the production of product for the purpose of resale to the public.

Are all your rooms wheelchair accessible?
Yes. All our rooms are ground level accessible with wheelchair washroom available. Our front door has an automatic open feature.

Is there parking nearby?
There is street parking along the building on Oswego Street, and St James Street also has parking. PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO STREET SIGNS. We also have a parking lot off Simcoe Street by the playground.

Can I have candles in the room?
JBCSC will bill any renters responsible for setting off the fire alarm by not using the stove fan or by burning sparklers, birthday candles or anything that produces smoke or fumes. False alarms are subject to a $50 fee. This also applies to helium balloons or decorations that set off the alarm.

Can I decorate the rental space?
Yes. We do not allow nails or tacks, 3M reusable hooks work well without leaving a mark behind. We do not supply these. Renter is responsible for their own decorating supplies. All decorations must be removed by the renter.