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Crystal Pool and Fitness Centre Swim for Life Swim Lesson Program Parent Information Form

Dear Parents, In the last 10 years in Canada, 60% of 5-14 year olds that died due to drowning were weak or non swimmers, less than 1% were strong swimmers. Your family is very fortunate to have a school that recognizes the need for Swim and Water Safety Lessons for your child’s class. They will be participating in our Swim for Life Program, the same program we offer after school hours. In order to help your child get as much out of the program as possible please complete the lower portion of this form as accurately as possible and return it to their teacher on or before the date specified. We input the information at the beginning of the program and record your child’s level in our data base at the end of the program in order to make registration easier for your future swim lessons at Crystal Pool. All information is kept confidential. Thank you for taking the time to complete this form and for your roll in helping keep kids safe in and around the water.
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Please let us know if you give permission for your child’s photo to be taken during lessons. These photos are used to submit to our funder JumpStart and may also be used for promotional purposes.