ASSAI Spring 2021 Registration *Now Open, Sorry there was a glitch!*

After reading the information below, please scroll below and find a form to fill out.
After submitting that information, you will get an email from
the Recreation Program Coordinator within 48 hours confirming if your child has a spot. 

Important to note: 

  • This Spring session is based on school cohorts. If your child is not in the cohort listed, they cannot attend this session.
  • Priority registration will be given to children who have not yet participated in ASSAI in this 2020-2021 school year.
  • Each child is required to have a registration packet completed before attending program. The Recreation Program Coordinator will email you one upon confirmation of a spot. If your child attended ASSAI this Fall/Winter, you do not need to fill out a new form.
  • If your child is in After School Care they will be unable to register

*UPDATE*: As of right now Grade 4 & 5’s will have to wear masks during any ASSAI program. I am still currently waiting on hearing what any new protocols will be from the Ministry that runs ASSAI. We will try and conduct most of our programs outside as much as possible. 

ASSAI ART with Sandi  11 spaces available. 
Grade: 2 – 4 of Cohort C & B ( Teachers: Vargas, King, Pharis)
Time: 2:38 – 4:00pm
Date: Monday, April 19 – June 14 2021 (no class on May 24th Victoria Day)

ASSAI Sports with PISE  13 spaces available. 
Grade: 1-3 of Cohort  C & D ( Teachers Pharis, Fraser, Ma) 
Time: 2:38-4:00pm
Date: Tuesday, April 20 – June 15 2021

ASSAI Drop-in Sports with PISE    A max of 20 kids may attend each Wednesday. 
Grade: 3 – 5 of Cohort A & B ( Teachers: Nicole Forshaw,  Hinrichsen, Vargas, King)
Time: 2:38-4:15pm
Date: Wednesday, April 21 – June 16 (No Class May 12 & June 9)
Please register your child below if you expect them to attend drop-in sports sometime during this Winter session. They are free to attend any Wednesday.

*NEW* ASSAI Music with Nick  11 spaces available.
Grade: 1 – 2 of Cohort  D & E ( Teachers: Keane, Fraser, Ma) 
Time: 2:38-4:15pm
Date: Thursday, April 22 – June 17  2021

ASSAI Music with Nick 12 spaces available.
Grade: 3 – 5 of Cohort  A & B ( Teachers: Nicole Forshaw, Hinrichsen ,Vargas, King)
Time: 2:38-4:15pm
Date: Friday, April 23 – June 18  2021 (No class on May 21- Pro D Day)