Fall 2020 Youth Getaways!



Starting on Friday, September 11th you can register for Youth Getaways Fall 2020! 

Registration online & in person starts at 9:00am.

To keep the in-person numbers down, we highly recommend registering online!

Please read the instructions below!  *IMPORTANT* If your child had registered in a program with us before, please do not ‘Create an account’. Please use the email address you have on file with us. 



Below are the steps to register online!

  1. Click here: https://ca.apm.activecommunities.com/jamesbaycentre/Home to head to our online registration system!
  2. If you have registered with us in person for a program before (including Before and After School Care), the email you provided at original registration will be your log-in name. Click ‘Forgot your password’ and an email will be sent where you can then create a custom password for your online account. If the email you try doesn’t work, it might be the wrong email. We would appreciate you calling the Centre desk to ask what email is on file before creating a whole new account.
  3. If you have never registered with us before, please click the ‘Create an account’ button located on the home page.
  4. Once you can log-in to your online account, you can search activities by their course number (located next to their description on this flyer), category, department, or instructor!

*Please note with online purchases there is a nonrefundable processing fee*