Window Wanderland 2022

Window Wanderland is an amazing community event that started in England. James Bay was the first neighbourhood to participate in all of North America. This year will be the 4th year of Window Wanderland in James Bay and we are so excited!

Everyone in the James Bay neighbourhood is invited to create a window display! It can be simple or elaborate- whatever you feel like doing! On Feb 25, 26, 27 from 6pm-9pm, people will keep their lights on to show off their window creations. Then everyone can wander the streets after dark to see everyone’s amazing work being illuminated in their windows. James Bay is essentially turned into a beautiful outdoor art gallery for three nights only! We ask that people register their windows in advance online, so that there is a map for everyone to use as they wander! We also have the Community Centre, New Horizons, and the Carr House open all three nights for washrooms and to warm up with some hot chocolate & treats!

We are very proud of this event- it is volunteer run and is a great way to feel connected to the community around you.

The number one thing we hear from people is “But I’m not an artist! I don’t think I can make anything good enough!”. We promise it’s SO simple to create a window display. The simplest combination of supplies is just some tissue paper and black construction paper or poster board. Attached to this email will be some examples of past designs- from simple to elaborate.

Get your family involved! Get your neighbours involved! Invite your friends to come wander with you from across Victoria! It is truly one of the best and most heart warming events of the year. And a great way to make the dreary month of February shine!!

To register your own window, please go to: