Little Waves Group Daycare

Our Little Waves Daycare has been caring for 3-5 year olds in our community since November 2010. We are dedicated to providing high quality childcare at an affordable cost. Our ECE and ECEA certified staff will facilitate an engaging program that gives consideration to each child’s physical, emotional, social and cognitive development. Each day is designed to foster your child’s creativity, social skills, self-esteem, and understanding of the world around them. Daily out trips and adventures provide ample opportunity for your child to explore and learn about their community.

Please note, children must be 3 or older and toilet trained on their first day of Little Waves.

Hours: Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:25pm
Cost: $725.00/month

Little Waves Closures (We will give a few months notice for any closures):
– Stat Holidays
-Typically one or two days around the Winter Holidays depending on the teacher’s needs
-One or two admin days at the end of August


If you are interested in having your child attend Little Waves now, or in the future, please fill out the form below

Please email the Early Childhood Coordinator (Emily Cielen) at for any questions you may have.

For Little Waves Daycare you can apply for government financial assistance called the Affordable Child Care Benefit (aka Subsidy). When you are contacted about your spot on the wait list, please let the Early Childhood Coordinator know you are interested and they can let you know more information about the ACCB process.

Please see our Childcare Handbook for our all of our Childcare policies.

Here is our Covid-19 Emergency Childcare Parent Handbook for our Daycare program. It explains our new policies and procedures as of May 2020. This is subject to change based on  BC Ministry of Health/ VIHA Childcare Licensing recommendations.


After pressing the ‘Submit’ button below, your information has been automatically added to our Childcare Waitlist. We will contact you once a space has become available. This process can take time depending on the amount of spaces available.

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    Please note Out of School Care spaces are only available to JBCS students.
  • Preschool and Group Daycare participants must be 3 years old by their first day in order to attend.
  • Please include an e-mail address that you check frequently, as this is our main method for sending out waitlist updates!
  • Please include an e-mail address that you check frequently, as this is our main method for sending out waitlist updates!