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Please register early! Programs can be cancelled if everyone waits until the last minute to register. We will make a decision on activities two to three days prior to the start date. If not enough people sign up, the program will either be cancelled or postponed.


Please note: if no one attends the program within the first 30 mins, we will shut it down for the day.

Save $5 and buy a Drop-in Punch Card at the Centre Desk for $35!

Table Tennis – Unsupervised

We set up 3 tables for players to use in our Activity Room. Max 4 players per table, turns taken. Friendly environment to learn! Check in at the Front Desk

Mon & Fri  Sep-8 – Dec -15  12:00pm-2:00pm  1/$4

Indoor Soccer – Unsupervised

The school gym is open for a friendly game of indoor soccer using a futsal ball. Equipment is provided. 15 players max. Call the Centre after 1:00pm the day of the activity to pre-book your spot (credit card payment required) or drop-in to see if there’s still space and come to the Front Desk to pay and sign-in!

Mon 7:00-9:00pm Sep-11 – Dec-11

Indoor Basketball – Unsupervised

The school gym is open for a friendly game of basketball or to work on skills. Equipment provided. Check in at the lobby.

Tues & Thurs   Sep-5 – Dec-14   7:00-9:00pm   1/$4


Great learning environment if you are new to the sport! Players set up one court in our Activity Room, Max 4 players on court, turns taken. Check in at the lobby.

Tues & Thurs   Sep-5 – Dec-14   12:00-2:00pm   1/$4

Walking Group – Participant Facilitated

Meet at the Centre to enjoy a walk around the neighbourhood with others, followed by coffee time at one of the local cafés. Check in at the lobby.

Wed Sep-6 – Dec-20 9:30am  Free!

Kindergym for ages 1-5

Parents and caregivers – bring your child(ren) to the Centre on Friday mornings from 9:30-11:00am to play on all kinds of fun equipment in our Activity Room. This is a parent/caregiver participation activity (not a drop-off).

Oct 6 to Dec 15 – Note closed: Oct 20


$3/child ages 1-5






Small Garden – Maximum Vegetables

Winter is a great time to start planning for your garden and how to maximize your harvest of vegetables. Come learn about a variety of planting techniques, plant supports, and garden layouts that can help you grow the most food possible in a small space.

Instructor: Laura Hawkes

4348  Mon  Dec-4  –   6:00-7:30pm  1/$15

Vegetable Gardening in the Fall & Winter – CANCELLED

We are so lucky to live in a place where we can grow vegetables all year round. Come learn about the different types of vegetables that you can plant or harvest in the fall and winter. We will also discuss how to protect plants in cold weather. If weather permits, we will finish off by walking over to the Montreal Street Allotment Garden to see and discuss what is growing there this fall.

Instructor: Laura Hawkes

4349  Mon  Sep-11  –   6:00-7:30pm  1/$15

Health & Wellness

Yoga & Taiji

You can drop-in to all yoga classes for $14. Please call ahead to ensure the class is running. Equipment provided.

Gentle Hatha Yoga

This class focuses on slow gentle movement which is supported with the awareness of breath in order to cultivate harmony and balance of body and mind.  A great program for those new to yoga,  or for those with experience who are seeking a slower pace, or are 50 plus. CYA-E-RYT 550hr

Instructor: Donna Williams

4327  Mon  Sep-11 – Dec-11   10:15-11:30am  10/$120 – No classes Oct 2, Oct 9, Oct 16, Nov 13

Uplift & Unwind Yoga

Monday night yoga is your time for you.  Take the opportunity to explore yoga as a fluid, breath guided movement practice and experience flow-state meditation.  All levels.

Instructor: Jaela Shockey

4332  Mon  Oct-16 – Dec-11   6:45-7:45pm  8/$96 – No class Nov 13

Yoga Flow & Restore

Join for a gentle flow to restore, turn inward and release.  Expect fluid, intuitive movement paired with opportunity for long, deep holds.  All levels welcome.

Instructor: Jaela Shockey

4330  Thurs  Sep-14 – Oct-26   8:00-9:00pm  7/$84

4331  Thurs  Nov-2 – Dec-14   8:00-9:00pm  7/$84

Chen Taijiquan for beginners (16+)

Learn a centuries-old martial art and improve your strength, balance, flexibility, and calm. This class uses Chen Zhenglei’s 18 step essentials form to introduce Chen style Taiji, along with stretching, breath work and posture exercises.  No prior experience needed, everyone can benefit from this practice.

Instructor: Eldan Goldenberg

4328  Tues  Sep-19 – Oct-24   9:00-10:00am  6/$60

4329  Tues  Nov-7 – Dec-12   9:00-10:00am  6/$60


You can drop-in to all fitness classes for $14. Please call ahead to ensure the class is running

Morning Zumba with Annie

Zumba Fitness is a medium-to-high intensity dance fitness exercise program that lets you dance to beautiful music from around the world while getting a great workout in. This class is so much fun and energetic! Zumba Fitness is an interval workout between high-and-low intensity that targets core, arms, back, legs and glutes. You don’t particularly need any dance background: please join us, and let’s have some fun together!

Instructor: Annie Kung

4295  Thurs  Sep-7 – Oct-26   9:00-10:00am  8/$80

4296  Thurs  Nov-2 – Dec-14   9:00-10:00am  7/$70

Evening Zumba with Jason

Great for everybody! Each Zumba class is designed to bring people together to sweat it out. We take the “work” out of workout by mixing low intensity and high intensity moves for an interval style, calorie burning dance fitness party! Once the Latin rhythms take you over you’ll see why Zumba fitness classes are often called fitness in disguise.

Instructor: Jason Gilbert

4334  Mon  Sep-11 – Oct-30   5:30-6:30pm  6/$60 – No classes Oct 2, Oct 9

4335  Mon  Nov-6 – Dec-18   5:30-6:30pm  6/$60 – No class Nov 13

Nia Class (16+) CANCELLED

Nia is a sensory-based movement practice that draws from dance arts, healing arts and martial arts leading to health, wellness and fitness. It empowers people of all shapes and sizes by connecting the body, mind, emotions and spirit. Nia is a great way to get in shape, offering many physical benefits such as improved cardiovascular health, increased endurance, decreased body fat, and muscle strengthening, plus mental benefits. Classes are best taken barefoot, (shoes can be worn), to soul-stirring music in more than 45 countries worldwide. All levels of fitness are welcome. No experience is required.

Instructor: Jill Davis

4339  Tues  Sep-19- Nov-14   10:15-11:15am  9/$108


Would you like to increase your strength and agility, regain or maintain independence, and improve your overall quality of life? Osteofit is a fitness program designed by clinicians at the BC Women’s Hospital just for you. It addresses balance and coordination, strength, fall prevention, and is safe for participants with osteopenia and osteoporosis. Health care providers can refer their patients to Osteofit, however anyone can attend. Physician referrals are not mandatory. This class is for men too! Please bring some water and a mat if you prefer your own.

Instructor: Deborah Ward, Certified Osteofit instructor and Personal Trainer

4325  Thurs  Sep-14 – Oct-19   10:15-11:15am  6/$66

4326  Thurs  Oct-26  – Nov-30   10:15-11:15am  6/$66


Beginner East Coast Swing (Jive)

Learn the basics of East Coast Swing, simply known as Swing or Jive, which many consider to be the most fun and lively partner dance to know. Here is your chance to learn from one of the most well known instructors in the City. John has enjoyed teaching dance in Victoria for nearly 40 years and his classes were voted Best in the City by Victoria News readers all five years that the award was offered.

Instructor: John de Pfyffer

4340  Fri  Sep-8 – Oct-27   5:00-6:00pm  6/$75 – No classes Sept 22, Oct 20

Level 2.1 West Coast Swing

This class is a review of the basics of West Coast Swing learned in the level 2 series. Participants in this class need to have an understanding of the side passes, lock whip and basic whip.

Instructor: John de Pfyffer

4341  Fri  Sep-8 – Oct-27   6:00-7:00pm  6/$75 – No classes Sept 22, Oct 20

Level 2 East Coast Swing (Jive)

Improve your basics and add a few new Swing and Jive moves to your repertoire. This fun and energetic dance is popular with people of all ages.

Instructor: John de Pfyffer

4342  Fri  Nov-3 – Dec-15   5:00-6:00pm  6/$75 – No class Dec 1

Level 3 West Coast Swing

Improve the basics and add some fun new moves to your West Coast Swing repertoire. Have a great time adding some flashy moves to this very fun and useful dance.

Instructor: John de Pfyffer

4343  Fri  Nov-3 – Dec-15   6:00-7:00pm  6/$75  – No class Dec 1


Beginner Guitar – Fundamentals of Playing and Reading Music on Guitar (16+) – CANCELLED

Ready to dust off that guitar in your closet and get pickin’? This 8 lesson course will cover how to correctly hold, tune, and play your guitar with comfort, all while learning to play single note lines, strum chords, and play songs written in standard notation, tablature, and chord sheets. Whether this is your first time playing or you are an intermediate guitarist looking to brush up on fundamentals, this course is for you! Students must bring their own guitar.

New Instructor: Jerry Lemon

4337  Tues  Sep-12 – Nov 7   6:00-6:45pm  8/$96 (No class Oct 31)

Adult Ukulele (16+)

An introductory class for ukulele, or brush up on your uke chops! Appreciate the language of music on four strings. Learn chords, rhythms and melodies (and sing-a-long!) with community music instructor (and island ukulele festival host!) Nick Stecz. Must bring your own ukulele.

Instructor: Nick Stecz

4381 Wed  Sep-13 – Oct-25   1:30-2:30pm  7/$87.50

4382 Wed  Nov-1 – Dec-13   1:30-2:30pm  7/$87.50

———-Please note that Alan Whitmore has had to cancel his fall classes listed in our program guide. 


The English Corner – Conversation Drop-in (18+)

Join us in a fun and informal English conversation group for adults. Each week in English Corner a small group meets to discuss a meaningful topic with the help of a trained volunteer. Newcomers can practice speaking English and make new friends along with deciding on the group’s own activities e.g. social gatherings and community projects. More information can be found at: EnglishCorner.ca This is a FREE, drop-in program! Come sign-in at the front desk!

Instructor: Carol Smith

4288  Tues  Sep-6 – Dec-20   11:00am-12:30pm  Free

Spanish for Beginners

Learn basic vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation, as well as idioms and expressions , with a native Spanish speaker.  We will also cover culture and traditions in a fun , relaxed atmosphere.

Instructor: Pilar Rodriguez

4355  Tues  Sep-19 – Nov-14   7:00-8:15pm  9/$135

Spanish Continuing

Instruction will be provided by a native Spanish speaker, and focus on expanding your vocabulary, improving grammar, pronunciation, reading and writing skills.  We will also cover culture and traditions in a fun , relaxed atmosphere.

Instructor: Pilar Rodriguez

4354  Mon  Sep-18 – Nov-20   7:00-8:15pm  7/$105 – No classes Oct 2, Oct 9, Nov 13

Creative Arts

Beginner Acrylic Painting

If you have been interested in trying acrylics this class is for you! This beginner painting course introduces various techniques using acrylic paints. You will learn to mix and blend colours and explore the versatility of these quick drying paints. Create and have fun!

Material fee of $25 due to the instructor at the first class.

Instructor: Teresa Waclawik

4356  Mon  Sep-11 – Oct-30   10:30am-12:00pm  6/$75 – No classes Oct 2, Oct 9 – CANCELLED

4357  Tues  Sep-12 – Oct-17   7:00-8:30pm  6/$75


Exotic Indian cooking made easy

Come on a culinary adventure to the land of Indian cuisine with exotic spices and tongue tingling flavours. You will learn about different spices and their use in most recipes and how to cook popular and tasty Indian recipes using local and fresh ingredients. Each class offers new recipes chosen from different regions of India and includes step-by-step explanations and tricks for success. After the class the cooked food is served for all to enjoy. Sign up for one class, or take both to learn even more tasty recipes!

Instructor: Nidhi Jayant Sheth

4350  Thurs  Sep-7   5:00-8:15pm  1/$65

4351  Thurs  Sep-21    5:00-8:15pm  1/$65 – CANCELLED

Spiritual Study & Meditation

Guided Meditations for Self Actualization

Embark on a transformative journey of self-actualization with our empowering meditation course. Discover the power of mindfulness and delve deep into your innermost being. It’s time to manifest your dreams and become the best version of yourself.

Instructor: Brigid Barner

Brigid Barner is a Certified Hypnotherapist and Consulting Hypnotist with the National Guild of Hypnotists. She has been practicing both in Victoria and the Kootenays since 2009.

4297 Wed  Sep-27 – Oct-18  11:30am-12:15pm  4/$80 CANCELLED

4298 Wed  Nov-8 – Nov-29  11:30am 12:15pm  4/$80

Wisdom and Compassion – CANCELLED

We love our friends and hate our enemies.  But how do we have compassion for everyone?   Through life’s ups and downs we become more experienced.  But is that the same as wisdom?  In this course we will look more closely at these and other questions.  Using our own intelligence and the teachings of Buddha we will explore what it means to lead a truly meaningful life.

Instructor: Jay Lippman

Jay Lippman has been a student and practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism for many years. During that time he received teachings and guidance from many Tibetan lamas, and he has completed the traditional course of study and practice.

4336  Mon  Sep-11-Oct-30   7:00-8:15pm  6/$60

No classes Oct 2, Oct 9


Computer Courses

All computer courses are taught by David Basset of CompuDave Services—40 years experience. Mac and Windows users welcome. Windows computer supplied for course. Please bring applicable Mac’s, iPads, iPhones, iPods, and Android.  Every class is for technology users of ALL LEVELS!

Computers – Android (Samsung, LG, etc.)

Intro to your Android tablet (e.g. Samsung) or Android smart phone (e.g. Samsung. LG) are discussed.

4299  Tues  Oct-10   6:00-7:30pm  1/$44

4300  Tues  Nov-28   6:00-7:30pm  1/$44

Computers – Apple TV/Netflix

Connecting your iPad/iPhone/Mac/PC to your TV wirelessly. Netflix, Airplay and other featured explained. Setup requirements

4301  Tues  Oct-24  7:30-9:00pm  1/$44

Computers – iCloud for Mac/Windows/iPad/iPhone

iCloud helps you access your files across iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac and the web. Learn great ways to share files with friends and family, and get peace of mind with backups and automatic syncing. Covers iCloud Photo Sharing, My Photo Stream, iTunes Match

4302  Tues  Oct-17  6:00-7:30pm  1/$44

Computers – Intro to iPad

Demonstrate; transferring songs to your iPad from Internet or CD, sync with your Mac or PC, playback options, basic operation.

4303  Tues  Sep-5  6:00-7:30pm  1/$44

4304  Tues  Nov-14   6:00-7:30pm  1/$44

Computers – Intro to iPhone

Learn how to transfer address books, calendars, photos, and music (iTunes) and how to do texting, browsing the Internet, emailing, installing apps, and changing the setup.

4305  Tues  Sep-5   7:30-9:00pm  1/$44

4306  Tues  Nov-14   7:30-9:00pm  1/$44

Computers – Intro to Mac

An introduction to a safe and easy-to-use computer technology with the features that Learn email, internet access, CD burning, photo and music, etc.

4307  Tues  Oct-31   6:00-9:00pm  1/$88

Computers – Intro to Siri

Learn how to use voice for your Mac, your iPhone, your iPad, your Apple Air Pods, your Apple TV, your Home Pod, your CarPlay, etc. Learn dictation rules, how to email, message (text), play music, make a phone call, launch apps, navigate with Maps (GPS), make appointments on Calendar, translate to different languages, find gas stations, places to eat…all with voice. Great for mobile, and visually challenged people.

4308  Tues  Oct-17   7:30-9:00pm  1/$44

4309  Tues  Nov-28   7:30-9:00pm  1/$44

Computers – Introduction to Windows

Learn computer terms, basic word-processing and email.

4310  Tues  Oct-3  –   6:00-9:00pm  1/$88 – CANCELLED

Computers – iPad/iPhone Photos, Music and Podcasts

Learn how to take and organize photos and how to transfer them to and from iPad/iPhone. Learn about practical photo apps and how to transfer songs to your iPad/iPhone from Internet or CD, sync with your Mac or PC, playback options.

4311  Thurs  Sep-7   7:30-9:00pm  1/$44

4312  Tues  Nov-21   7:30-9:00pm  1/$44

Computers – iPad/iPhone/Android for Travelers

Discover great travelling, translating, touring, gps, mapping apps for the iPad/iPhone/Android

Interested in house-swapping, bed and breakfasts, maps, sites, rental cars, restaurants, youth hostels, cruises and tours?

4313  Thurs  Sep-7   6:00-7:30pm  1/$44

4314  Tues  Nov-21   6:00-7:30pm  1/$44

Computers – iTunes/Apple Music

Learn how to organize/add music, create playlists, listen to radio.

4315  Tues  Oct-24   6:00-7:30pm  1/$44

Computers – Mac File Management

Organize your files and folders. Learn backups and how to create shortcuts or aliases, rename and delete files, and what different file types there are.

4316  Tues  Nov-7   6:00-7:30pm  1/$44

Computers – MS Excel (PC & Mac)

This standard spreadsheet will help get yourself back into the workforce, keeping track of your own investments and business bookkeeping.

4317  Tues  Sep-19  – Sep-26   6:00-9:00pm  2/$176

4318  Tues & Thurs  Dec-5  – Dec-7   6:00-9:00pm  2/$176

Computers – MS Word (PC & Mac)

This standard word processor will help get yourself back into the workforce or just upgrade your professional skills.

4319  Tues & Thurs  Sep-12  – Sep-14   6:00-9:00pm  2/$176

4320  Tues & Thurs  Dec-12  – Dec-14   6:00-9:00pm  2/$176 

Computers – Photos for Mac

How to scan, organize, edit, email with different sizes, create cards, slideshows, books, calendars

4321  Tues  Nov-7   7:30-9:00pm  1/$44 

Computers – Photos for Windows

Learn how to find, manipulate, email, archive (Store), share, print and organize photos on Windows.

4322  Thurs  Oct-5   7:30-9:00pm  1/$44 – CANCELLED

Computers – Social Media & File Sharing

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, iCloud/Cloud, Dropbox, etc.

4323  Tues  Oct-10   7:30-9:00pm  1/$44

Computers – Windows File Management

Organize your files and folders. Learn backups and how to create shortcuts, rename and delete files, and what different file types there are.

4324  Thurs  Oct-5   6:00-7:30pm  1/$44 – CANCELLED



Early Childhood


Curious Cove Playschool (2023-2024)

Your little one can join us two times a week for story time, arts and crafts, nature experiences, gym time and many other fun activities where they can practice their independence while making new friends. Register in person or by phone.

Instructor: Jezlyn Cardinal

T/Th   Sep-12 – Jun-27   9:00-11:30am   $124/month

No playschool on stat holidays and school pro-d days



PJ’s Piano for Preschoolers 3-5yrs

A creative class for parent and child.  Children will learn to find notes and play a song by the end of the course.  They will also be taught to read music, rhythm and compose their own songs.   (a keyboard may be rented from PJ Music Studios 250-213-9343).  Materials fee of $10 to be paid to the instructor at the first class (cash only)

Instructor: Sandra Grant

PJ’s Piano for Preschoolers 3-5yrs (group)

4372  Sun   Sep-10  – Oct-29   9:30-10:00am  7/154.35 – CANCELLED

4373  Tues  Sep-12  – Oct-24   3:00-3:30pm  7/154.35 – CANCELLED

4374  Sun  Nov-5  – Dec-17   9:30-10:00am  7/154.35

4375  Tues  Nov-7  – Dec-19   3:00-3:30pm  7/154.35

PJ’s Piano for Preschoolers 3-5yrs (semi-private)

4376  Sun   Sep-10  – Oct-29   10:00-10:30  7/171.50         No class Oct 8

4377  Tues  Sep-12  – Oct-24   3:30-4:00pm  7/171.50

4378  Sun   Nov-5  – Dec-17   10:00-10:30  7/171.50

4379  Tues   Nov-7  – Dec-19   3:30-4:00pm  7/171.50


Child & Youth Programs


Beginner Guitar – Guitar Essentials for Kids! (8-13yrs)

Come learn guitar the fun way! In this 8 lesson course you will learn to comfortably hold, tune, and play your guitar. Throughout the course you will learn to play single note songs, strum chords, and read music from chord sheets and tablature. We will also introduce some basic music theory and notation ideas to help you better understand the language of music. No prior guitar or music skills required. Students must bring their own guitar.

New Instructor: Jerry Lemon

4338  Tues  Sep-12  – Nov 7   5:15-6:00pm  8/$96 (No class Oct 31) – CANCELLED

After School Band Class  (Grade 2 -Grade 5)

Calling all kiddos interested in music! Learn to play your favourite songs on the ukulele, drums, etc. in a fun and friendly environment. Form a band, design your own album art, and sing to your hearts content. Join Nick after school to gain tons of music skills including chords. Ukuleles and drums are provided. Must bring own guitar/keyboards.

Instructor: Nick Stecz

4383 Wed  Sep-13  – Oct-25   2:45-3:45pm  7/$77

4384 Wed  Nov-1  – Dec-13   2:45-3:45pm  7/$77

PJ’s Piano for Kids 6-10yrs

A creative fun approach to learning about music and the keyboard while developing good technique, rhythm and basic note reading and composing skills.  Each class is tailored to the needs of different age groups.   (a keyboard may be rented from PJ Music Studios 250-213-9343).  Materials fee of $10 to be paid to the instructor at the first class (cash only).

Instructor: Sandra Grant

PJ’s Piano for Kids 6-10yrs (group)

4362  Sun   Sep-10  – Oct-29   10:30-11:00  7/154.35 – CANCELLED

4365  Sun  Nov-5  – Dec-17   10:30-11:00  7/154.35

4364  Tues   Nov-7  – Dec-19   4:00-4:30pm  7/154.35

PJ’s Piano for Kids 6-10yrs (semi-private)

4366 Sun  Sep-10  – Oct-29   11:00-11:30  7/171.50 – CANCELLED 

4367  Sun  Sep-10  – Oct-29   11:30-12:00  7/171.50          No class Oct 8

4363  Tues   Sep-12  – Oct-24   4:00-4:30pm  – Previously a group class

4368  Tues  Sep-12 – Oct-24   4:30-5:00pm  7/171.50

4369  Sun  Nov-5 – Dec-17   11:00-11:30  7/171.50

4370  Sun  Nov-5 – Dec-17   11:30-12:00  7/171.50

4371  Tues Nov-7 – Dec-19   4:30-5:00pm  7/171.50


Teen Art Nights – Drop-in (12-17yrs)

Join us each week for an evening of art making using a variety of professional materials and supplies and with gentle direction from local artists Jessie Beauvilliers and Jenny Auld. An inclusive environment for quiet socializing and art exploration, participants will experience how art making can reduce anxiety and help build self-esteem.

No registration required.

Instructors: Jessie Beauvilliers & Jenny Auld

Thurs  Oct-5 – Dec-14   6:30-8:30pm  $5


Martial Arts

Kids Karate Junior Youth (6-12yrs)

Wado style training and instruction. A challenging and fun program that emphasizes physical fitness, self-confidence, discipline and self-defense skills.  This class is for beginners or kids with not much karate experience.

Instructor: WADO

4360  Tues & Thurs  Sep-5 – Dec-14   5:15-6:00pm  30/$180

Kids Karate Senior Youth (8-15yrs)

Wado style training and instruction. A challenging and fun program that emphasizes physical fitness, self-confidence, discipline and self-defense skills. This class is for youth who have some experience in a Martial Arts or have spent more than 6 months in the Wado Canada program.

Instructor: WADO

4361  Tues & Thurs  Sep-5 – Dec-14   6:00-6:50pm  30/$180


Creative Dance for 6-10 years

Experience high energy rhythm and dance with MoonDance Dynamic Arts School! Movements are influenced by Jazz, African, Indian and Latin rhythms. Dancers will also explore percussion and song while experimenting with their own movements.

Instructor: Nikko Snow

4352  Thurs  Sep-21 – Oct-26   2:45-3:25pm  6/$66

4353  Thurs  Nov-2 – Dec-7   2:45-3:25pm  6/$66

Spiritual Study

Baha’i Virtues for Children (6-9yrs)

Bahá’ís see the young as the most precious treasure a community can possess. In them are the promise and guarantee of the future. Bahá’i children’s classes are currently held at the neighbourhood level in countries around the world. They are valued by different Faith communities who wish to empower children to contribute to the creation of a peaceful world through exploration of the human family, diversity, equality, consultation, unity and love of the same God.  The classes aim to help children acquire spiritual qualities such as love, truthfulness and generosity.  Parents are invited to participate in any class activity:  songs, art, stories, cooperative games, music and prayer and to join teachers in an introduction session prior to the start of classes.  Please see this online link for further details  https://www.bahai.org/action/family-life-children/childrens-classes or Google: baha’i children’s classes. Registration Required.

Instructor: James Bay Baha’i Community

4333  Fri  Sep-15 – Dec-1   2:45-3:45pm  Free


Youth Nights

Youth Getaways (9-12yrs)

Join us on Friday nights for fun activities, excursions and events. Activities include game nights, movie nights, art nights and more! Register early as there are limited spots! See schedule below.

6-9pm  $12/night

Registration opens September 11th at 9:00am

YG01 29-Sep-23 Movie Night In & Popcorn PJ Party
YG02 13-Oct-23 Ghostly Walking Tour
YG03 3-Nov-23 Board Game Café
YG04 17-Nov-23 Swimming Oak Bay Pool
YG05 1-Dec-23 Holiday Baking Night
YG06 15-Dec-23 Holiday Sites Walking Tour




Please register early! Programs can be cancelled if everyone waits until the last minute to register. We will make a decision on activities two to three days prior to the start date. If not enough people sign up the program will either be cancelled or postponed.

Note that dates may change from when the hardcopy of the guide was printed.

General Registration Information

  • Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis and requires immediate payment.
  • Minimum numbers –  if a program does not meet minimum registrant numbers to fairly pay the instructor for their time, we will email or call registrants one to two business days prior to class start and offer a full refund or account credit.


  • We accept cash, cheque, debit, Visa, or Mastercard.
  • All fees must be paid in full at the time of registration.
  • Registrants eligible for L.I.F.E. subsidy must be authorized through Crystal Pool prior to registration.
  • All programs for ages 16+ are charged 5% GST on top of listed price.
  • Online registration has a non-refundable processing fee


  • Refunds will only be issued for withdraw requests made three business days in advance of the class start.
  • If after attending the first class you decide a program is not right for you, we are happy to issue a pro-rated refund. This request must be made at least a day prior to the start of the second class.
  • Refunds will generally not be issued for withdrawal after the second class. Special circumstances may be considered and may require a note from a medical professional.

Click here for Supply Lists for our Art Classes!