We are always interested in offering new programs! If you have a suggestion or want to teach a program or workshop please complete our Recreation Program Proposal form below. If you have questions about offering a program, please contact our Recreation Program Coordinator, Jodi Appleton at 250-389-1470 or programs@jamesbaycentre.ca

Recreation Program Proposal Form

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General Information

Please email your resume in PDF or Word format to programs@jamesbaycentre.ca
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Length of class*
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Maximum number of participants
Wi-Fi, sink, etc.
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45-75 words for advertising blurb. You can include other details aside from the blurb.

60/40 split - fees and payment breakdown

60% - The instructor provides a service, some supplies and sometimes some equipment. 40% - JBCSC provides the facility, equipment and some supplies, advertising, and participant communication and registration.

Fitness/yoga instructors

Fitness/yoga instructors are required to have up-to-date first aid and third party liability insurance naming the James Bay Community School Centre as an additional insured on the policy.

Working with children and youth

All people working with children and youth are required to have a criminal record background check.