Hello 2020/2021 preschool families!


There is a lot of information to read, so please read everything fully and carefully!
On this page will be a ton of info about our Preschool Program in 2020/2021.
We are currently still working out the details and will let you know a start date for Preschool ASAP!
We anticipate a mid/late September start. 

1st- We need you to FULLY complete this: Regisration Package This is where you can tell us ALL the information about your child, their past experiences in Preschool, Daycare, or play groups, and any quirks or info that would be helpful for their teacher to know. We encourage you to write as much a possible about your child- we do not base admittance off this information, it is merely so the teacher can get to know them before starting the program. This link will take you to a fillable PDF where  you can fill it out on your computer, save it, and email the fully completed package to the Early Childhood Coordinator. They will contact you as soon as they process the package (approx. 2-3 days) to confirm your child’s spot. 


2nd- We have hired a new Preschool Teacher for the Fall! We will be letting you know all about her ASAP! The Teacher and the Coordinator will be working together to plan and create an engaging and fun Preschool Program! Closer to the start date we will mostly likely have some sort of socially distant or virtual Preschool Orientation where you can meet the teacher and ask any questions you may have!

We will get the specifics to you as soon as possible but for now, here are the things your child will need for their time at Preschool:


    • A snack or lunch that you provide! This really depends on your child’s needs- some eat a full meal, some just a little snack. We never force kids to eat but we do encourage them to sit at the table with their friends! We always encourage healthy snacks- please try not to pack a a large amount of anything too high in sugar that will affect moods/energy levels please! As soon as we know everyone’s allergies we will let you know if we are a nut-free program or not.
    • A labelled gallon zip-loc bag filled with spare clothes (lots of socks, underwear, pants, and shirts!). This will stay in the Preschool Classroom and the teacher will let you know if a restock is needed!
    • A pair of labelled indoor shoes will live at Preschool. A skill your child should practice before coming to Preschool is taking on and off their shoes! If they have a lot of trouble with a certain pair, we highly encourage switching to a slip-on/slip-off type indoor shoe! Crocs are a great example of this! It will make it easier for both the teacher and the children during transitions!
    • Please make sure your child brings a labelled water bottle to class everyday
    • The Preschool Program will be spending lots of time outside! In the rain or shine! Please make sure you child comes dressed for the weather! We encourage labelled rain boots, muddy buddies or a rain jacket/rain pants! The moment it starts to get cold we highly recommend coming to Preschool with some mittens and a hat- their little hands get chilly quickly and we don’t want being cold to dampen the fun!


3rd- We will be providing all families with a Covid-19 Preschool Handbook specifying all the ways Preschool will look while we keep up our Covid Precautions here at the Centre. We will get that to you before the Preschool Program starts and can answer any questions you may have! 


4th- Below are some pictures of what our Preschool Space looks like! Like most rooms here at the Community Centre it is a shared space! That means the room is a Preschool in the AM and an After School Care space in the PM! There is a coat room where the kids will hang their back packs, etc. and a bathroom perfect for a Preschooler! The kids will be washing their hands a lot so that is another great thing to practice with your child before Preschool! 


5th- Because this 2020-2021 year, our Preschool Program is unlicensed, that means you will be unable to apply for financial subsidy through the government! If you were going to apply for subsidy, we greatly encourage you to apply to ‘Legacy Fund’ application program to gain some financial support! Please do not hesitate to reach out and ask about this program! We want our Preschool Program to be accessible to all families! 

6th- We need you to fill out this form below to let us know what days/times you are looking to attend Preschool. We are asking for your Top 2 choices of days/times because as spots fill up, so might your first choice. When you press submit the form will be logged into our website!